Residential Pricing/Plans

Now: order online below!   Spin  Cycle offers professional “Residential Laundry Services”. This
is a premium laundering service that we have developed to be affordable for
Individuals and Families. We offer a drop off/pick up component of this program
as well as a free delivery service.

Here’s How It Works.

STEP 1: You pick a plan. We give you a Free Laundry Bag/s that can
hold up to 25lb – 60lbs. of your dirty laundry. You’ll put your dirty laundry
in this bag and on your scheduled day we will pick up your laundry from you.
You also decide the location of the pick-up and delivery sites.

STEP 2: We wash dry fold and package your laundry in the bag that
it came in and deliver it to you within 48 hours. We offer “Door to Door
Service”, free of charge.

STEP 3: You enjoy our quality service and take the additional time
on your hands to make it count towards the things that matter to
you. We’ll see you next week for another pickup/delivery.

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  • Residential Laundry – Silver

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  • Residential Laundry – Platinum

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  • Residential Laundry – Gold

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Purchase online indicates your acceptance of the

This is a Membership Agreement between Spin Cycle Laundry and you,
an individual for pickup and delivery wash and fold laundry services. You are
purchasing a prepaid wash-and-fold membership contract for the length of time
you selected. The following terms of service apply to your membership and your

1. Liability Disclaimer: Spin Cycle is not responsible for
your laundry items bleeding, shrinking, fading, or otherwise becoming altered
or worn by the normal wash and dry fold service. We will take reasonable
precautions against known problems. You agree that Spin Cycle may refuse to
launder an item and send it back unwashed with an explanatory note, if we think
it will become damaged or damage other items. Spin cycle assumes no
responsibility for items labeled hand wash only, hang dry / dry flat, so do not
use heat, dry clean only or other special care instructions.

2. Credit Cards: I agree to pay above total amount according to
card issue agreement.  All laundry turned in to Spin Cycle by an
authorized user of that account will be cleaned and any extra pound charges and
dry cleaning charges will be added directly to this account.